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Originally Posted by [Avtomat]
The HFC one is also full metal, but i have heard pretty shitty things about it.
Where'd you hear shitty things about it?
I've exhausted just about every web resource, Google, Arnies, and everything, and only had 2 complaints- a leaky mag and a broken trigger spring.
As for the person who made this thread, head up to the Arnies General section, in the forum. Over the last 2 weeks, this thread has been here twice, and the majority answer is always HFC. Besides, they're the same gun... just the HFC doesn't use the monkey metal KJW does, it uses solid steel. I've heard a story of one being run over and still working, yet I'm not too sure its true...
However, from what I've seen, KJW's a workhorse. More people up here have the KJW because of availability, but they do break down after a long while... (as does everything, but there seems to be a few lemons in the KJW lot).
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