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Bingo. Looks like I hadn't looked long enough for it. All these negatives are turning out to be positive suddenly. The mag lips are also found to be adjustable, so that's also no longer a negative. All in all, this rig is turning into one with surprises.

Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Awesome review Shinjit - I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but I think of you as Canada's own Military Moron. Excellent detail and awesome pictures - keep up the good work, mate.
Oh, I'm no where near MM's level, I just try to keep up .

Originally Posted by bruce
I've asked around Lightfighter Tactical forum to see if anyone knows the configuration of the CIRAS in small size. So far one person has replied that it is indeed a 6X6 PALS setup in front. Sorry to scare you before. ;-)
No problems! Nothing like a good scare before Christmas.

Originally Posted by CoNtEmPt
Nice Review Shinjit

I just got one of these as well, and Im fairly impressed with the quality.
After I spent ALOT of time making adjustments I got myself a nice fit.
The soft armour on mine slid right out after unvelcroed however and wasn't sewn into the panels.
I found the soft armour to be really to thick for the rig. After I took them out I cut one right through the middle and reinserted it into front and back. The rig has more then enough for support now and isnt to thick.
Originally Posted by Point_Man
Who did you buy it from? I have a Phantom OD CIRAS and the plates are removable. Look for velcro attachments where mesh meets cordura.
Thanks for the tip Contempt/Point_Man. The rigs got so many things to adjust that I've probably missed a lot of areas that can adjust etc. I'm also still confused as to what to do with the internal cummerbund myself.
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