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For those waiting for orders from me...

I had a large WGC pre-order go out in October that a number of people participated in.

I made this post to update everybody on the situation of it since it's been taking much longer than normal for it to arrive:

The package, due to the size of it, piqued custom's attention and they originally pulled it to verify the value of contents.

That took 2 weeks.

Then during the inspection, they were suspicious of some items and sent them off for examination. Some goods were seized.

That took 2 weeks.

The package was then cleared and sent back to the brokerage...

...Only to have customs change their mind and pulled it AGAIN for re-examination.

It's been 2 weeks.

That is where we now stand. Assuming no more problems, it *should* be arriving this week, but with the Christmas rush, I would not be surprised if there are any more delays.

I've already contacted those who had seized goods.
The goods seized were firearms replicas and the buyer had prior warning that there was the chance of seizure.
The rest of the goods should be okay by customs, which is why I don't understand why they feel the need for a reinspection, but yeah.
Just goes to show that even brokers can only do so much for quickly clearing a shipment.
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