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Originally Posted by Primus
Damn! It does look extremely small :cry: How tall are you Shinjit and how much do you weigh?
I'm 5'10 and around 140lbs. Note, its adjusted to one of the smallest settings, so it will fit larger people.

Originally Posted by Adrian
Originally Posted by shinjit noir
Looks like it, it's got 6x6 vs 7x8. Had a feeling something was off.
Not neccessarily; the real CIRAS is sized. If this replica is aimed at the asian market, they probably just knocked off the small.
Glad to hear this, as it was sort of a letdown that it wasn't totally accurate.

Originally Posted by *MADKILL*
wow verry cool tacvest (Phantom CIRAS (Maritime Version)) you have the price for this tacvest full equip ? because I would like year to have one well.

sorry am french

No problems. Regular price was $260+ shipping, although I paid $200 shipped for mine (CATSCAN's)
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