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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Originally Posted by Greykin
Originally Posted by disndat
Our own Brian McIlmoyle is on the discovery network right now on a show called greatest ever weapons.Nice to see you getting some tv time Brian.Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
Hey! That's pretty cool, I don't remembering seeing him at the last game I was at with him though =/.
Ah.. ze pike.
Was that at splatters?

I tried to get around to meet everyone there... but may have missed a few.... was weird... seemed to be some kind of "tribalism" keeping everyone apart.

Anyway.... I did that piece for Discovery in May... a whole day of shooting for a few minutes...

the 3 second scene of 2 guys wrestling in armour was me and one of my sr students as well.

But it was cool to be stacked up with Tom Clancy in the same show.....

Hated that goob with the Katana....particularly.. the Katana's are curved to "stay in the cut longer" BS, you think a guy who is touted as an "expert" would know why the swords he uses are curved.....
lol, ya, it was splatters, I left early cause my battery crapped out anyways =(.
Ya! In the end, I saw two guys wrestling in armour, I thought it looked a lot like your facility. Very cool, props to you.

During the show last night, when they were talking about the Thompson, the screen suddenly turned pink and it lasted until a commercial, happen to anyone else? That sucked =(.
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