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Originally Posted by Digital_Assasin
Not as cheap as the bunkers for the given size. Also the bunker are a lot easier to move around to change the field.
True, but i'm thinking milsim, lol, nothing beats runnin in to a field setting up and waiting for the enemy, you can always have sandbags compressed with wood shavings, although this is not a good idea for rainy days, another idea would be crushed styrofoam inside the bag, would be very light and very resistant to AEG fire, but it could be too light and easy to knock down if you run in to it, you could always make a canvas type bunker like the windbreakers people use at the beach, easy to setup, its light, it will work but you take away from the realism. and last but not least sandbags with a mix of sand and styrofoam would add a bit of weight but still be light enough that a kid could carry it

there are many possibilities, it all depends on what people feel comfortable with.
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