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Originally Posted by Kid
Originally Posted by Combine
Maybe it shouldnt be made for Airsoft.... but instead, LAUNCHERS

They are big enough, it would be cool to see someone pull out an Rpg-7 or a Predator and shoot a big nerf ball out ( or something else i guess )
Now THAT'd be legal.
Does the 5.7 J rule apply to launchers as well? I just have a hard time thinking that could be legal... Also, now that I'm thinking, wouldn't the heat on the BB deform it a fair bit? Or make it expand? Leaving a residue on the inner barrel and hampering your accuracy, after a while jamming the barrel and causing access pressure that COULD potentially send your gun to hell as well as sending some shrapnel in a few different directions?
I'm not sure if there would be enough prolonged heat on the BB to cause it to reach its melting temperature. After all, it leaves the barrel quite quickly, does it not? You may have bigger issues with the barrel heating up, if you've got a full auto combustion gun.
Dude, I think they're shooting at us.
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