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Originally Posted by attack-beacer
i'm with him on that the rain makes it harder to hear your enemy cause a war dosen't take a break when it rains does it.
According to my version of the Geneva Convention that I wrote out of boredom while on the 3-4am fire picket shift on my basic, it does. War will be fought monday through friday, 9-5, weather permitting. Weekends and holidays off, prisoners of war will be given candy instead of bread and water, and there is to be no combat during lunch.

In response to the rest of the can be safely said that the main thing that makes a good 24hr. milsim event is forethought by the organizers, followed by more forethought, followed by even MORE forethought.

You gotta look at so many factors for big games, it's almost absurd. And not to mention, contingencies. Here's a few:

Bunks / Sleep arrangements
Food and Water
Quick Repairs
Safe zones

And some important things:

Getting experienced organizers
Liability and insurance issues
Field fees .vs. costs
FIRST AID (very important)
What your event offers that no one else offers.

Yeah. And there is always more. Lots and lots of forethought.

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