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Originally Posted by Ducky
Basically my point is dont shut yourself in just to XT. Ask any player who went from XT to outdoor games, and see what they say is more enjoyable. Ive invited alot of new players out to skrims and such this year who before only saw XT. Every single one of them loved outdoor more, and want to show more often next season. Dont believe me fine Ill get the proof.
I dont know about that. I think XT is the best thing ever happened to Winnipeg. The first time i played there i was addicted to it like a crack head.

Just playin man :lol: . Actually XT is the one who intruduce me to outdoor games and IMHO outdoor is waayyyy better that indoor. Now i got shit load of gears , AEG, and GBB.

So Josh when you get here dont be shy man and i think im your only kababayan that plays airsoft here in Winnipeg.
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