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Was it loud when that one flew mere inches over your head :innocent:

Just kidding.

But seriously. I think you missed the point. (WK)

Unless you meant "a combustion design of some sort, that doesn't use propane"

(since it's been outlined already that in the type of confinement typically an issue with replica-sized guns, the use of propane in any sort of practical combustion mechanism isn't workable. (with the current system in question. ahem).

Because in that case (which I mentioned) it might be plausible, but like I said, the tippmann C3 design doesn't do much for airsofters. Something that WOULD would probably (as mentioned... by me) have to be ENTIRELY different. So... No, I very much understand the implications of 50,000 shots from a $3 can of propane. But it doesn't implicate anything for airsofters, given what we've learned by reading this thread

Riiiiiiight? Gawd. How come we keep arguing about this crap WK? Can't we just agree that we're usually talking about different things :nod:
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