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Originally Posted by W.K.Shuridys
Not to mention the combustion chamber could be made much smaller in an airsoft gun as it has far less mass to push. A full stocked rifle may be able to utilize a reservoir the size of a GBB mag and get a full day's worth of gaming on it, and squeeze the combustion chamber in next to it no?
Doesn't look like anyone did any reading -

There are physical reasons why the combustion chamber cannot be shrunk, unless it's drastically altered, and likely in a way that doesn't really do anything practical or functional in terms of making it more "airsoft friendly".

Madmax explained that. You can't generate the same conditions as in the Tippmann C3 on a smaller scale just by shrinking all the parts. At least, that's the way I read it.

Other alternatives might be other fuel sources, or a redesign, but those are both good reasons to say "Wow.. the C3 is a neat idea, but it doesn't really do anything for us ... " :hammer:
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