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Originally Posted by MadMax
There are precidents already set for butane powered devices like nailguns. They don't exceed the muzzle energy or FPS limits so they're not firearms. Neither are gunpowder propelled nail drivers.
But they don't LOOK like guns really either. My point was that we've enough trouble with our guns as it is....having them combust propane to fire a projectile is one huge step in the wrong direction....

If our guns looked like paintball guns, or nail guns then I don't think it would be an issue it stands ( IMO ) if we started to have airsoft guns that "fired" bb's through a combustion process we would see our sport banned much faster.

Originally Posted by W.K.Shuridys
News flash people: airsoft guns are already considered firearms under the Criminal Code because they are a barrelled weapon that discharges a shot or projectile, however they are exempt from most restrictions because of their low muzzle velocity and energy. The CCC and Firearms Act say absolutely nothing about combustion or fire being necessary for a weapon to be classified as a firearm; many spring or gas powered pellet rifles are registered firearms because they can shoot 800 fps.
That is correct, but I'm talking about how politicians and policy makers will twist the facts, airsoft is in a bad state now as they are evil black guns....I think making them even more like guns would be a very bad idea.
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