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News flash people: airsoft guns are already considered firearms under the Criminal Code because they are a barrelled weapon that discharges a shot or projectile, however they are exempt from most restrictions because of their low muzzle velocity and energy. The CCC and Firearms Act say absolutely nothing about combustion or fire being necessary for a weapon to be classified as a firearm; many spring or gas powered pellet rifles are registered firearms because they can shoot 800 fps.

With the 5.7 Joule limit added to the regulations, we can push a 0.2g to 785.5 fps before we have to register our airsoft guns. I doubt anyone will be gaming with something that fast.

If it really costs the $700 quoted earlier to make this, you can go buy a real gun!
That's nothing, I just spent double that on a stock AEG. I'd also like to see how you plan on gaming with a real gun.
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