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My experience with my famas:

Great gun for mix terrain... great indoor/outdoor gun.
Rate of fire is ridiculous.
mods for m16 mags make stars a reality.

1 major problem. The hop up isn't being manufactured. or atleast you can't get them here in the US. I am forced to spare my famas and not use it often. My only options here in ohio are used hop ups.

2 usage problems.
spinning highcap is odd on famas.
multiple safeties in particular the the one at the butt of the rifle is a problem. Tends to switch on off.

hope you have some black electrical tape handy*creek*. And keep an eye on the foregrip.

I traded an ak47 for it ouright. The ak had a worn spring and more body wear/use.

I would take the ak back in a hearbeat. my opinion

ps the sites are cool. you get everything from a thompson smg to a m16 type feel.
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