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Very good thoughts. Thank you.

Before you even get into plan b or c problem is having an event that is wrapped around a story line that lasts 48 hours.

I was thinking; adding alot more of the reenactor elements into the game.

The event has to be carried out as a war instead of an engagement.
Slow it down. Give Commanders sand bags and other surplus to help them build up defenses(pitch tents). So picture yourself being inserted and staying out all day and night, Having dug a fox hole. waiting orders to search and destroy the mortar team attacking your base, or recon a forward position to do the same to the nme.

I also feel keeping the regular elements or classic BF2 style objectives is important. Take out the fake Cardboard Tube artillery etc.

Mix it all up with some advanced role play for special classes. Realistic ivs and penalties designed to encourage your team bring all their men home; dead or alive. Rather than " we have to keep moving... You walk back 1/2 a click and catch us some time after the event". Engineer roles (BF2 style) Support gunners dishing out ammo, linguists (local speak) , squad leaders , rto ( the 2 radio wonder)

I also like to give the commander more influence over the game. add simulated napalm with smoke grenades used by non combatants(yes you have to have grids these days on your fields). When regen i like to make people wait till they have a squad leader, rto and a medic. I then have the rtos assign them a callsign to the commander . The penalty to your team in a respawn rather than a medic heal or a drag out to inbound hospital is a ticket loss. the tickets vary but usually i like only 2-3 per person/day.

My favorite thing to do is prisoners. My rule has been get healed by an nme medic and become prisoner(medics only have so much gauze) Players keep their guns. Visual inspection of the prisoner is done. Any weapon not pointed out by the engineer/ security officer can be used in the escape. Prisoners must answer all questions but does not have to tell the truth. 3 ways to get out 1 execution (cap gun/mini airsoft gun) 2 escape/shoot your way out 3 get rescued.(if prisoner. the other team CAN listen to your radio)

As you can see all this will slow the game way down...........

I think of 3 safety issues when i think 24 hour game. blind fire/fallingdown and people needing to wipe thier goggles. So i feel it is important the pace gets slowed. extra solutions to these problems helpful (i know auto tracers for one but that is asking alot)

All your points are valid. Some i knew some you helped me on( iam going to check on the price of renting trained fireworks people tomorrow). I can't put everything in here (it will ruin it). So the system isn't the concern. I am trying to give you an idea of the mood i am trying to create.

I plan to have alot of toys.
I did call about a helicopter today. weow baby is it steep. 4 thousand US for a day.

so, is my theme too off base with airsoft today?

I wonder if you all agree with my assesment?

Some asked about the field. i have a link above. :xmas:
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