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1) Organization. Laid out well in advance, months or years even. Detailed maps of the environment, complete with mil grids. Release monthly or randomly released intel reports to build the story and develop the atmosphere before players hit the field. Teams identified well in advance, with strict uniform guidelines so that players have lots of time to aquire the uniform that corresponds to their team of choice. There should be a strong, believeable plot that allows for total immersion, not just "rescue the downed pilot".

We do it be writing a short story. Then we translate the story into a screenplay of sorts, and we assign actors to fill key roles. Then we open up the other roles to the population. That way, there are players on each side who know the score and know what to do. They're "in character" and fighting, but won't give away the surprises. The actors help to lead the players in the right direction in case they get off track, but mostly let them do their own thing.

2) Organizers are NOT players. They are not actors. Organizers are running the show, not playing the game. They must all understand the objectives, the fall back objectives, the fall back fall back objectives, etc.

3) There must be contingencies for any imagineable situation. If you plan the operation with the expectation that force A will be able to hold onto Item 1 for 8 hours, but force A pulls a fuckstick on you and secures item 1 in 10 minutes, you have to be READY.

Players need things to do if things go bad, i.e. what to do with the troops if a no-duff comes up, etc. Things they can do without losing the immersion, suc as sending them on another "FLASH TRAFIC" objective or something so they're not sitting around for hours waiting for instruction.

4) Places for each team to hole up seperately in case of inclement weather or for meals / rest periods. Both teams need to be kept seperate at all times unless they're exchanging plastic. Otherwise, strategies get leaked, objectives get discussed, information leakage occurs.

5) Supplies. People are stupid, and they never bring enough supplies. Stock the bases (seperate bases, remember) with water and food, as well as a power source and battery chargers. Players shoud ruck out to their base, and that's where they'll operate from for the duration. They won't be returning to the safe area, or the their cars, so there should be latrines dug and TP / wetnaps available. a Blue Rocket is always a nice touch, for those who can't get a handle on shitting in the woods.

6) Props. Buildings. Bridges. Vehicles. Trenches, bunkers, towers...all as reaslistic as possible.

Start with that.
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