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-Lots of planners and game admins. You can never have enough help espically @ a 24 hour game, people running the show need to rest as well. Make sure the planners know exactly what is going on as much as possible, as well they always have the means of contacting each other (Good radios, runners, etc)

-Backup plans / Alternative scenarios. All operations fail on first contact. The scenario you planned to last for a good 4 hours of movement/contact was just completed in 30 minutes due to some good luck.. So what now? Better have a plan B scenario or a way to bump up the schedule and tack on games @ the end.
Alternatives are always needed in case of something going wrong or plans not working out. If it's the first time for a big game and something isn't working right - Something like the spawn points/extraction method is working well, better setup an alternative before things get ot of hand and the whole scenario falls apart.
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