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What makes a good 24 hour event?

This is my first thread here on as canada so be gentle. :smack:

I am doing some research on the canadian way of playing airosft. I am from the States. I have noticed alot more games in canada are played over night. At least in comparison.

I would like if you are so kind? To hear in everyones opinion; what makes a good 24 hour event. (milsim)

This thread should not be seen as a way to define night games in canada. I am sure there are alot of diff opinions on that. Just to share some information across the great lakes so that we americans might get to shoot eachother up at night.

I will share what i thought after i hear some opinions. :tup:

Here are some pics of the field to fire the inspiration.

ps i like how your guys drag eachother out. We just hold hands lol :angel:

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