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Double Edge Airsoft Contact info Changes

As many here know already, Double Edge, Rangers Airsoft, and M1 Airsoft are all based out of Calgary, Alberta, and have for the past year, combined resources, and worked together to bring you better service. These combined companies are referred to as Airsoft Alliance Canada (AAC).

As of Today, Double Edge has changed the contact info. If you call our local number, then the message will give you the new number, however, that feature is not available with our toll free number. So below, you will find the new local and the new toll free telephone numbers. E-mail, store hours and fax numbers will all remain the same. You can find this info at

Local Telephone number: (403)-286-8802
Toll Free Telephone number: 1-877-286-8801

So basically, you can call these numbers to reach Double Edge, Rangers, or M1. Yes, they are still seperate companies, with seperate owners

Sorry for any hassles changing the phone numbers caused any of you.
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