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Originally Posted by []D[][]\/[][]D
Originally Posted by FOX_111
If you order it, hask them to label it as a paintball part or toy part. That's how I got my stuff from hong kong.

It was all M24 parts. I had them remove all labels and original packages too, just to be on the safe side.
Yeah I'd probably do the same thing because that is such a big price difference. If I could I would order the metal slide and frame for my Desert Eagle .50AE from Japan because the price difference over here is just crazy. But no way in hell that the metal frame and slide will ever get through customs, so I'm forced to get it for that crazy price.
Well, Don't try to scam the customs for real prohibited parts. I did that just to save the assle of them confiscating small airsoft internal parts. I won't try that with complete guns or frame parts. In this case, canadians retaillers are there for you.

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