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playing at one of our island fields i was walking by a pill box that was about 15 - 20 feet and it was to dark to see anyone inside and the opened up on me walking towards them with an AK i got shot several times in the chest and face and i turned while getting shot to dodge the barrage and had one planted deeply in my right ear. Had to pull my ear forward and try poking underneath my earto try and get it out. it was scary as hell but i finally was able to force it out from the back of my ear after 15 minutes or so and it left me with a friction burn inside my ear and alot of welts on my face and chest

edit: i was also wearing a skull cap style hat that was half covering my ears and a boonie hat on top of that the chances of getting hit inside my ear and the chances were incredibly slim for it to happen but its not gonna change whether i wear a paintball mask or balaclava
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