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I took an over-upgraded P90 shot through the glove on my left hand (- yep... through nylon and threads) and it bruised the bone of my knuckle. From a good distance too.

Wasn't terrible, but I was certain at that point that if I'd taken the shot from up close it would've sliced my finger off :mrgreen:

Also, I planned (and botched) a mini-ambush, but I'd looked for an escape path. I was up high, and my escape required about an 8 foot running drop onto a fairly good landing spot.

I jumped, landed ok, but stepped out of it with all my weight onto the side of my foot, and damn near busted my foot off at the ankle. Turns out it was only a wicked sprain, but the noise it made had me thinking otherwise.

Oh, and I shot one of the local players (Malice or Whozat... I can't remember) right in the beans with a Marui shotgun at 10 feet. He was lying prone, and when I came around the corner and found him, he rolled over, feet towards me to try and shoot, and my instinctive shot instinctively went straight for the head. Wrong one though...

He was walking funny for a round.
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