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Originally Posted by Droc
I took upgraded fully auto in the face from 15 feet. Hurt like a mofo
aside from that, I took a spill last LZ game of the season and fractured my knee
Ya, the runway at the LZ is a slippery bugger at the best of times! I've slipped on it in clear weather, warm and rained on it a few days before, just by WALKING!!! They way you guys didi'd the hell out of the CQB house that day, don't blame you for slipping. If I had have known that that eleimination starts AFTER the team leaves the "embassy", instead of our having our little team enter the embassy, I would have respawned after Primus took me out and covred your asses on extract. Oh well, first time playing that game, shit happened.

Worst I had to deal with was a BB in the upper lip from Droc, and last game, rushing through the brush, had a stick break off and stab my in the cheek right beside my nose. Yes, was a bleeder, but nothing big at all. Quantis DID shoot my in the earlobe one day, hurt a lot, nothing big as well. Bah, who cares, this is airsoft, not laser tag.
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