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Originally Posted by Peachyclean
Originally Posted by pivot
Got shot nearly point blank in the front tooth (the one with a $1000 crown on it ) the bb broke in two and one half lodged itself inside my bottom lip.
HOLY CRAP! man that sucks. How much did that cost to repair?

Will a Balaclava prevent those kinds of injuries?
short answer, no

long answer.... maybe... depends on the actual orientation of the shot.

Tooth breaks.. of which I have witnessed one.. and suffered a little chip myself ...ocurr on direct shots to the teeth.. a belaclava over the mouth will reduce the chance of such a shot.. but I have received bleeders through a belacalva.. and so it stands to reason that a direct shot to the teeth through a belacava can still damage teeth.

There are many types of belaclavas.. really thin ones to next to nothing.. good thick stretchy ones offer more protection.

I now wear a cut down paintball mask most of the time.. with a belaclava underneath... for the close in engagments at TTAC3.
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