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Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper
Armyissue wrote:
Hi count good rating no problem. Low count, bad ratings Buyer be ware.

low doesn't mean be aware. i'm trying to build my rating but i only have so much money to buy and things to sell. i think people should read the feedback and decide.
That's right bitch! Don't make me mercy you again

Ahahahaha !! Mercy Bitch, Oh my what a big pistol you have!

low doesn't mean be aware. i'm trying to build my rating....
I mean to say use caution around low rates. Hey I had a low rate once, I never burned anyone, however its wise to not presume that the deal will go flawless or super quick. reality is most people have lives that do not solely rotate around ASC and or sales related to it. My business allows me to focus on the players and making deals and maintaining a solid sales reputation.
( :cheers: The drunken debauchery really has no bearing. not even that incident with Duff-man-in-cadpats 8O )
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