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Fonger, if you dont have anything intelligent to add to the topic then dont post at all.

As for my brief 2 cents on this topic, For the most part everyone has very unique views on how things should be dealt with. Now there has got to be ways to satisify everyone? I would like to know what a mod would do when a actual airsoft related thread with some purpose gets hi-jacked? Do you just delete it? If so thats not fair to the poster who actually was looking for the information. You just took away an avenue from him/her to attempt to get that information. Why not just clean it like some do for the buy/sell.

There honestly has to be a better way. I agree with Droc on a games section. Your right this is ASC not a local site, but your telling me that local fields have no right to post on here about their problems? How the hell does that work?
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