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Originally Posted by FieroGT
I would have just not paid for them in the first place, and told him to re-order the ones you wanted. Or said no thanks and ordered from someone else.

Agreed. If you mistakenly asked him for highcaps, then you should honor your word and accept them.

But, if this is a case of the retailer making a mistake with your order, as you claim, then you are under no obligation to take anything. Is this part of a package deal? I'd take the gun, but refuse the highcaps and demand the money for the mags back. Then go to another retailer for more lowcaps.

It's like any other business transaction. If you went to burgerking and asked for a burger, and got chicken sandwich instead, you're not gonna say "oh well, i'll take whatever you give me, anyone want to trade?" You're gonna have the spine to demand exactly what you asked for!
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