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More problems with a seller.

Hey there. I've been having problems with Allstarr, as a buyer. I noticed when Jester6 posted his problem with Allstarr, it was solved. I'm hoping this will help. I understand he hasn't been doing well, but the problem is that there has been 2 weeks with no updates (Paid him over 40 days ago, last update it had not even been shipped yet), and PM's have been ignored/not even read, yet He's online often.

Here's the link to the sale thread.

I may be over-reacting, but seeing as how Jester6's problem was solved after posting, I'm hoping to achieve the same end.

I either want my money back or my vest in the mail with a tracking #, or at least an update on what's going on, some sort of communication.

Thanks for your time, Cushak

(If anyone here knows him, would you be able to contact him for me/find out what's going on? Thanks)
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