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hmm. posted by a 'noob'. since you are yourself a 'noob' and 70% of the people in this thread are a 'noob' you should probably just say "those people" or "certain individuals". thats MY theory. And since its uncool to like 'noobs' on this board, why are you trying to solve their (or if you wanna use the term 'noob') YOUR problems?

EDIT: ROFLMAO. at the post above.
Originally Posted by steve_187
Greece, Im gonna go run a marathon, play a game of road hockey, ride a wild horse, and then have sex with your mother. Once Im done, I'll give you a call and you can come by and lick my sweaty smelly nut sac...
Originally Posted by mujahadeen
Here's a better riddle

" I tried to look smart in the off topic forum
Then I tried to back it up with a lame book comment
Now I'm exposed for the fraud that I am"

Who am I?
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