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I think that Test thing is a great idea, im kinda new here and would love to take a test just too see how id score on it.

Another solution would be to, when a person goes to register, where it says to enter their user name and password, there should be a check box at the botom that says in big plain fat letters

"I understand that i cannot ship airsoft guns inside canada from anywhere else in the world"

"I will read the Faq and stickies before asking any questions" (even if they check and dont go read the faq and stickies, at least they know they cant import guns)

If they check the first question, and still ask a question like that, warn them or ban them, whatever you like

Ignoring them can work too, but if you just delete their post and ban them without reason they wont understand and be likely to do it again (enless i miss read your post ) we should delete the thread and pm them "Temp Ban because you DIDNT READ THE FAQ AND STICKIES "
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