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It's amazing how people react to this virtual meeting place the same way they would a real one.

Only difference is, if someone walks into your club and starts wacking off in reality, you actually have a reason to be, people have no reason what so ever to get all bent out of shape for every stupid post or what not. IT'S FUCKING LETTERS ON THE SCREEN AND YOU HAVE ALL OF THE CONTROL ON WHAT YOU SEE TO BOOT! Why pull some virtual hissy fit just because so new guy asks something stupid.........which is really only stupid to you because you know you're Mr. Super1337-no-all Airsofter.

If someone makes a stupid post...noone should reply. It should be deleted with nothing said. If they continue, give them temporary bans until they realize.

Stop with the drama people.

PS I realize the irony of this being a sort of freaking out post on other useless freak out HA can't say that!
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