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Once Again I even said XT is great, for what it is anyways. Also NO I would not consider that person an airsofter even if they cant go outside for medical reasons. Yes it wouldnt be their fault, infact I dont blame anyone for not joining the outdoor games.

If someone doesn't want to play outdoors then thats fine. It's more enjoyable if only the dedicated individuals who enjoy it show anyways.

What I'm saying is the only thing that was really mention on the thread was XT, and no one even gave credit to the outdoor community. There are alot of dedicated players and individuals who mostly only play outdoors, who all put alot of effort into making the sport alot better.

Basically my point is dont shut yourself in just to XT. Ask any player who went from XT to outdoor games, and see what they say is more enjoyable. Ive invited alot of new players out to skrims and such this year who before only saw XT. Every single one of them loved outdoor more, and want to show more often next season. Dont believe me fine Ill get the proof.
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