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Since about 100 noobs join here a day asking if they can buy some uber ICS M4 from redwolf when they live in Canada, and we have to go thru the whole process of, you can't order from outside of Canada because Customs is too tight, etc...

Well, how about since they are too retarded to read for their own good, I say we just let them get it. Go ahead and feel free to encourage them.


Question: "I found some l33t DEAGLE or is it a good gun??! k thx!"

Reply: "Sure, it's a great gun, enjoy your pistol!"

2nd reply from author: "Thanks dude!"

Ta da! Let the noobs figure it out themselves. They can do a WEE little bit of research before they come here making a fool of themselves. Anyone else want to follow this theory? Or maybe, instead of letting the noobs get on the blacklist at Customs, we could make a sticky in the General Section within the rules maybe? Since they don't like reading the FAQ's maybe they can ATLEAST look at the sticky names "Canadians cannot order overseas". Then maybe they'll be intelligent enough to read that sticky?

Yes there's this but maybe a thread name that will be more catchy?
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