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A really AWESOME friend.... cough ... cough... helped by suggesting two gifts. Henry's birthday is Jan 14th that worked very well.
Hints Hints- His gifts are airsoft/army related.... Think ''Accesories and gear''
...... Thank you to this friend cough...cough... who helped so much. :salute:

As I said previously- I like to get him gifts without having any occasion- little surprises. So if you can think of somethign like a potato(give reason such as-) Because roses die, and that's no way to signify love- potatoes last forever- hell they even grow things off of themselves. Hehe, given the topic is advice, I could also ask for tips as for what men want. Other than sex, halo, beer, food and sleep. If there is anything.

The secret to what women want... (you have to ask nicely)

Originally Posted by Grim Fandango View Post
Ok, so let me get this straight here Megan.

- You wish to buy your boyfriend some airsoft stuff and/or video games for christmas
- You enjoy playing airsoft
- You enjoy playing video games
- You like to drink beer
- You seem to have a reasonably healthy obsession with sex

Do you happen to have like, a sister, who is like you in all these ways and is single, and lives in Toronto
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