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Originally Posted by Droc
Id LOVE to know how some of the fields out west do with +400fps limits.
well tac-ops rules on FPS and i quote from they're website "Outdoor events - 420FPS for AEGs, 470FPS for bolt action and semi-only guns." we do fine but a hit will wake you up if you do get it.

now back on topic. i've had one of my threads trashed you now the question was somewhat dumb to ask but i some outside thoughts on the matter and after the 4th page it became a shithole of a mess and FF the one who trashed it gave a reason i thought was understandable and after reading the thread right through i was like holy crap come off topic but my answer was there. but if a topic becomes off center is a like a wounded animal just put it out if its pain and the mod's i'm sure have to think if a thread should be trashed so give them some ced there.
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