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Originally Posted by ert
Originally Posted by Droc
Now, we can talk guns, gear, etc. But not games.
We already have post-game reports.
Thats why we have local forums. That stuff is localized and doesn't need to be in the Airsoft Canada General section.

Id like to think field have stuff to share, issues to resolve. My point was to keep stuff outta the general section and give the discussion area its own section for game talk....not post-game talk. but game ideas. We already have post-game reports. I mean if someone has an idea about something to do on their field, a place to ask other players from other fields how things have worked for them. Heck, I have placed on a bunch of fields and all have different rules and ways of doing things(from fps to dealing with minors).
For example, at the LZ, the issue of explosives have come up, and its been a year of trial and error with rules and such. Being able to discuss rules/events with other people from other places can help.
Heck, Id LOVE to know how some of the fields out west do with +400fps limits.