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Just a simple explination for a trashed tread would be helpful. If its a flaming thread, or something thats painfully obiouse, then no need, but, for example, if its a thread on gun springs that turns into a battery thread, if it gets trashed, an explination should be given.

I dont see the need to display warnings. To much like the Jewish yellow star markings. Publically displaying it wont solve anything, only brand the person forever.

As for banning. New people get banned all the time, it happens. But for people who have been around for awhile, something should be said. In my case, I was banned and couldnt access the boards, or contact anyone for the reasons. Took alot of effort from alot of people to get me an explination. Explination? Droc needs a banning explination? Well, I was told that my banning was for something posted a week earlier and only decided to ban for it a week after the incident, which I though was cleared up, and turned out to be a misunderstanding. Thats fine, but I had no explination and no way to contact anyone about it. Since it was over a misunderstanding, a simple explination would have cleared things up instantly.
For someone like me, who is always on thin ice, and will stay that way regardless. I may be a problem to some people here, but Im a regular player on the field and spend most of my time here trying to help people in the discussion areas. Im not here to make life harder for everyone, I just speak my mind, give it where its deserved and do my best to help new people get the right info. I do what I can, I donate what I can to our field when I have it, I do my best to help everyone that I can. Now Im told the admin section has urber-discussion about me, yet aside from 1-2 private messages, no one says anything to me. Most people here are very understanding, and everyone has a reason for what they do, so in my case of the banning, someone actually talking to me could have sorted everything out. All Im saying is if there is a problem, it should be delt with the person, not behind their back.
but thats all another matter, I dont mean to vent or pleade my case, and it doesnt need to be discussed here further.

In the end, threads need to be trashed, and the mods have their hands full as it is, but in threads where the reason isnt clear-cut, an explination would be nice.

as for the linked thread that Atreyu posted in the topic opener, its an airsoft revelant thread.
I would almost suggest another discussion section. Now, we can talk guns, gear, etc. But not games.
We already have post-game reports.
But what about a discussion section "Games" for game ideas, tatics, suggestions, incident(no name) discussion(lots of incidents happen on the field, so long as no names are mentioned, Id like to see someplace to discuss/debrief the incident to learn/prevent it from happening).