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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Originally Posted by gandar
No, I've seen a lot where they lock it and don't say why, and I do see what ATREYU is saying. There're a few mods that give a reason, but not all, and they don't always. *shrugs* I'm a mod on other forums and I understand it, it's just not always possible to put the reason, or it's blazingly obvious why it got locked (IE it turned into a shitslinging contest or whatever) Other times it's nice to get that last remark in, or they feel the conversation is over and it can be finsihed.
Or they don't like the topic or the someone involved in the convo. Let me ask this since i was asked - when a thread is deleted, does that take a persons post count down, or is that something else a vindictive mod can mess with?
I highly doubt any of the mods would bother wasting their time e-hunting particular individuals. I sure don't. I trash lots, and I mean LOTS of threads. I don't mind seeing people asking questions, and I don't mind people chatting, but far too often threads not only get off topic, but nasty or just plain pointless and then I push my big red flush button.

Also, with regard to post count. First off, it should not matter. Secondly, when I remove a thread that has out lived it's usefulness (expired buy & sell ads for example) your post count remains intact. When a post goes into the public trash, you loose credit for all posts within that thread. Mods included. Another point I'd like to make, if it were up to me no one would have their post count visable.

If I did not trash as many threads as I have been, this place would become a disorganized, unreadable, confusing mess.
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