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at the moment, i have opened up the internals
after ripping my TM aug apart, the m-box is very similar
the thing i dont like is that there is no motor-cage, so you cannot separate the motor from the mechbox...makes shimming a bit of a pain; but you only need one screwdriver since they cheaped out on the screws they used
btw..stock TM gears need shimming if you want to replace the BE ones..heh
the plastic gears are quieter, but the piston/cylinder are horrible..FAR less compression than stock TM parts; very easily swappable though
however, the gear that draws the piston back has a different number of teeth;
so in my box now i have the TM piston, head, nozzle, spring, guide, piston gear
and it works like a charm
gonna run it to the ground before switching to TM box
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