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Meh I don't feel like writing a full review, but here's the highlights:

- It holds a lot of gas (A LOT of gas, like almost 1/4 of one of those old green gas bottles would get dumped into it. Most of the stock is a gas reservoir)

- It uses shells. The manual says ~5 BBs per shell. You can load upto 9, but performance will suffer. See below. Shells are cool, realistic, but simultaniously annoying because you need to use a shell catcher. The M1100 holds 7 shells.

- Using duster, it lacks power. Period. Using green gas really helps improve performance, specially when using 9 BB loads, but green gas also seems to mess up the ultra contrived semi auto mechanism. Forget any kind of traditional GBB mechanism here, engineers at maruzen really came up with an insanely complex system, which doesn't like getting jolted by powerful gas. Using green gas will make your m1100 fuck up fast; it starts by misfeeding every once in a while, and becomes more and more frequent, until just about every shot misfeeds and you have to manually unjam and recock it. I remember looking up on the problem on the airsoftzone boards, back in the day, and everyone else had the same problem. And there didn't seem to be any way of fixing it once it was broken.

- The mechanism is prone to fuck up with duster, too (pwn3d ) -- it just takes longer.

- I guess somewhat realistically, it doesnt have much range. Range improves with lighter BBs and green gas (but green gas is bad, mmmmkay?). And even with lighter (.12g) BBs, the gun is too accurate (for a shotgun). We tried and tried, but its very difficult to get a good pattern with the gun (there's little point to having a shotgun that puts all its BBs in a 1 inch group).

- Practically, a full size shotgun as a secondary weapon was too big for me. Maybe on someone bigger it'd be okay. As a primary weapon, maybe for CQB, but again being fullsize and me being small, it's shitty to maneuver - i'd personally prefer using a pistol in those conditions. Or a SMG. Specially given the lack of pattern.

- Doesn't affect performance or nothing, but as with just about all/all other gas shotguns, it makes a pathetic "pop" sound when firing.

- I remember seeing some articles on Arnies about using the KWC CO2 adapters on the Maruzen gas shotguns... I can only guess that would also expedite how quickly your semi mechanism messes up.
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