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I LOVE rolling during airsoft games. Makes me feel all 1337. At that point I'm usually John-Wooing pistols. Hey, I wouldn't do it in real life, but hey it's a ton of fun :razz:

Originally Posted by Mysteryfish
Originally Posted by sherman
Music from The Predator was in it.

Just one question, who here, actually ROLLS in airsoft?
I thought that shit was only in John Woo movies not in real life. Or maybe they like video games too much.
Haha, I've rolled during a game. I lost my pistol out of a holster in a CQB game, and it was the fastest way to get from my tire bunker to the shack where it was sitting, while the attention was on me from the opposition.

It's abrupt, and it's a small target if you're horizontal (diveroll) across a gap between cover.

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