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-KJW Glock 23(Metal slide version)

One coleman propane bottle
-Round gone through it
Hundreds of BB's I haven't kept track
None, nil, zilch, this is by far the best GBB for gaming i've handled yet
I am extremely impressed with this gun, I bought it new from spec arms for like $230, at first it wasn't the exact gun I was looking for. But at his new years sale the one I wanted was gone, well good thing for me I got something better. I ordered a propane adaptor, 3 spare mags, and some silicon oil. All I do is clean it once and a while, relubricate the slide, springs, etc. and it runs amazingly. I haven't even scratched it at all on the gun itself even though I use it quite a bit. My recommendations go towards this gun for anyone looking to purchase a solid backup weapon.
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