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for warlock, check out or airsoft elite is the distributor for ICS in the u.s. and airsplat is one of their dealers. mine came from canadian airsoft but they only brought in a few and they were gone instantly, but they may get more.

as for you there KID, i took my m4 to edmonton for an EAR game in late sept and it was something like -5c on the trip down with the gun in a soft case in the back of the truck. after 4 hours in the cold, i went to fire it and it turned slowly for about 10 cycles then ramped up to normal speed, but bb's only shot out about 30 feet. after a puzzled look on everyone's face for a second i tried again and same thing. then i said "holy shit, what's this?" and tried for a third time and BINGO! we were good to go. that was with the stock upper and lower and stock lube. now it has metal bushings and hi-temp silicone grease that's rated to -30c on the low end. i would advise against anything below -5c as aluminum alloys can become extremely brittle at low-temps and have been known to break. even lower temps and the grease would thicken up and the gun just won't fire. last year the only gun that would run out of 4 tm's i had was my g3 and that was due to the ni-cad battery as the others all used nimh and their performance sucks in cold weather. usually we shut down from nov to march unless it's a really warm day and guys can actually make it.
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