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Hey, now I'm interested... I'd throw a 100 in there instead though, I'm all about durability and ROF... not even sure why I would need it... I'd have to toss a 110 or something I guess, just to make it worth it.

Also, I know you seem to know quite a bit about these... you're the one that convinced me to buy this, haha. What is the minimum temp I should be shooting at?
It's -15 to -20 C right now, would I have any problems? Note if it matters that i am very light on the trigger... most bursts are 3-5 shots.

Not sure if you'd know, but the other two guys here (-Rubix- and... not-sure-if-he-uses-ASC) both have an AK each, would they have any troubles?

EDIT: Now it's -25C
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