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We just had an SRC M4 come out to a game today. The gun chrono'd at ~310-320 average. The guy bought it for 299.99 not including tax.

Now, we are playing in -12 degree weather here right now. I must admit we were impressed that a cheaper stock gun that was shooting 320 for the price. Well, if you plan on playing this holidays, make sure that you do not play in cold weather because, whiiiiiirrrrrr... The gears stripped and shattered (probably because of the cold)...

Leason, if you are shelling out $400, pay a little bit more and buy a TM (Canadian retailers will have it to you within the week)... They are more reliable and no-one using TM guns, upgraded or not, had any problems in the weather, besides batteries lasting 1/2 as long... (Fielded: Stock TM P90, Upgraded Tm MP5 PDW, stock TM M1A1, upgraded TM Sig 550, upgraded TM G36, stock TM Sig 552, ICS M4)...

This is only one experience with an ICS, but just a warning for cold weather...


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