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Attention: All people that have done business with me!

Hi everybody, I don't post much, but I've been around here for a while, and I know that a lot of you guys, especially a lot of the guys that have been here for the last 4-5 years, might remember me. I'm looking for people that have bought stuff from me personally, or while I was working for Xtreme precision in 2002-2003. If you do recall buying something from me, were happy with the service I provided you, and wouldn't mind being a reference for me, I would be truly indebt to you.

Here's the situation..

Right now, I'm trying to transfer from UVIC to UBC Commerce. It's a pretty rough selection process with very few getting in. One of the things I also have to do is writing a little about my business and work experience. Since this is a pretty large factor (after all, it's commerce/business), I am going to need references to back up my work experience.

If anyone that remembers doing business with me (or through me), and wouldn't mind, please PM or email me, indicting that you'd be willing to help, and if you could include your email address/phone number, that'd be awesome (It would help too if you remembered what I sold you..heh)

I'm particularly looking for people that bought stuff from me while I did a preorder for XP in Winter, 2002, and if you wanna help me out with that, that'd be awesome, but anyone who has ever bought something from me would be great as well.

Thanks everybody!


Ps. you MOST LIKELY will not have to do anything at all. All I'm asking for is a name and phone number/email JUST IN CASE they (as in UBC) wants to contact you and ask you a few questions about the detail of the transaction. I think they will most likely not call you, since they will call my employers (not my customers). Thanks!
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