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Originally Posted by farfromsubtle
Originally Posted by GiordanoWC

I'm a student filmmaker at Seneca college. Last year, i shot a short entitled "Pawns" wherein i used one pistol replica in a private residence in and around the wilson road and the 400. I called the local police detachment and let them know who i was and what i was doing and with what items, due to the fact that i'm a student, i'm permitted to use replicas in any capacity and don't require a peace officer with me, so long as the action stays on private property.

I sent a fax of my crew list, my props list, and my approximate time-ins and time-outs... never even had an officer drop by to see how it was going.

As for a small to medium budget film, if you need guns and need a field to use 'em in, go FAR up north and find a patch of land with no one in sight.
Thankfully, I still fall within the realm of 'student.' Though I am done film school (humber), most of my crew are still currently enrolled. Wow, were you within sight of the 400 with those guns?!

And don't worry, I already found my patch of land (that being, sod property covering almost ALL of Alliston), and there are many places without a soul in sight. So long as the police in the air are aware, I'm safe.
You should be alright, just make sure that the cops know what's shakin and as well that the land you're using is either not owned by anyone, or if it is, acquire a release form from them. F*ck, i can probably pass you up a couple of templates, i had to go through a shitload of them with my latest film (which is now in post... AVID editing rawks.)

My buddy Dave shot a WW2 film up in alliston with deact M1's and some guy apparently had an airsoft Tommy... Film came out nice and crisp, shot on an XL2.

If you need any help, advice etc. please don't hesitate to PM me.
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