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Originally Posted by GiordanoWC

I'm a student filmmaker at Seneca college. Last year, i shot a short entitled "Pawns" wherein i used one pistol replica in a private residence in and around the wilson road and the 400. I called the local police detachment and let them know who i was and what i was doing and with what items, due to the fact that i'm a student, i'm permitted to use replicas in any capacity and don't require a peace officer with me, so long as the action stays on private property.

I sent a fax of my crew list, my props list, and my approximate time-ins and time-outs... never even had an officer drop by to see how it was going.

As for a small to medium budget film, if you need guns and need a field to use 'em in, go FAR up north and find a patch of land with no one in sight.
Thankfully, I still fall within the realm of 'student.' Though I am done film school (humber), most of my crew are still currently enrolled. Wow, were you within sight of the 400 with those guns?!

And don't worry, I already found my patch of land (that being, sod property covering almost ALL of Alliston), and there are many places without a soul in sight. So long as the police in the air are aware, I'm safe.
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