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Originally Posted by Greylocks
In a very weird way, you'd have better chances using real guns with no bullets. That's the insane part.
I'm started to come to that conclusion. 8-O

Originally Posted by Duff_Man_in_CADPATs
Phone the cops to tell them that you're going to play a small game of airsoft and jsut start taping?
Hmmm, is this to avoid the filming permit? Because, since I am outside Toronto limits, and Alliston doesn't have an organized film industry, I don't think any of that will be neccessary.

Originally Posted by moderatesniper
I have no advice for the movie biz, but those flash animations were awesome
Especially the dancing to the electronica...very well done!
Thanks. :-)

Originally Posted by desiredtoe
Here are some guns you could look at. About $150 each, without shipping and junk. I wouldnt recommend them for playing too much, but they might work for your purpose.
Thanks for the link.
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