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half life 2 is an awesome game to play at like 3 in the morning with all the lights out.. damn jumping zombies..

you COULD get him games...but they are games... he will get bored of em soon...i know i have... got hl2 3 days ago and beat it a day ago and now i have nothing to do but studying

i agree with the "buy him an airsoft gun" get him a nice side arm.. see what tickles his fancy and then buy it for him. WA berettas are said to be very good but the fact that you cant use propane without damaging it sucks

or you can get him some gun parts. find out if he has anything that is broken or something that he will need to replace soon and get it for him.

once you get him the gift you can put on that army style bikini and give him the present :mrgreen:
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